Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Haitian Thinkers in the Public Space: An Interview Series"

"Haitian Thinkers in the Public Space: An Interview Series"

Hello, Friends of Haiti and Readers of "Haiti: Then and Now (HTN)"

Haiti: Then and Now is pleased to announce a new interview series called "Haitian Thinkers in the Public Space." The goal of this series of conversation is to get to know Haitian and Haitian-descent thinkers, scholars, and professionals who have contributed to the discipline of Haitian studies and improved substantially to our understanding of the Haitian life and human condition in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora. Equally, we are interested to know about their profession, scholarship, their perspective on Haiti, Haitian culture, Haitian politics, the current state of Haitian Studies, and life in the Haitian Diapora, etc.

The interview will consist of six questions.

If you would like us (HTN) to interview a particular Haitian thinker, please leave the name of the person in the comment box.

To learn more about "Haiti: Then and Now," please click on the link below…/haiti-then-and-now-inte…
Celucien L. Joseph, PhD
Curator of "Haiti: Then and Now"

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