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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Two Poems by Belle La Poet (Mara-Joanne Derinor)

Two Poems by Belle La Poet (Mara-Joanne Derinor)


Belle La Poet

Sitting under the palm tree with a nice cold homemade lemonade, and staring into the gorgeous sunset over the aqua blue clear waters
Fanning the mosquitoes and flies away
I finally close my eyes as I lay
Lay on a foundation that was built by a great and mighty people
Brought through many trials and tribulations
Droughts with no solutions
An earthquake bringing devastation
Disregarding starvation
They still stand great and mighty
Holding on to the little bit of "goud" they own tightly
Disappointing their children only slightly
But making sure they hold their hand into a brighter tomorrow
These people walked by faith not by sight
Though all they saw ... nothing discouraged and belittled their might
Being strong was something that was morally right
The salt they sweat stained red and blue
Their faith remaining as true
They not only revolted against the French men
Shouting "Union Fait La Force"
They also caused the world's greatest revolution against circumstance
Shouting "La Vie Est Belle"
It's either you make the best of your circumstances or you let your circumstances make the worst of you
Refusing to doubt their strength and might .... they kept their knees bent ... and eyes lifted towards God
Whispering the most sacred prayers and humming hopeful songs
God as their hope, love as their foundation, and life as their journey
They ventured forward into history
I open my eyes and passionately smile
Because I lay on a foundation built by a great and mighty people

Belle La Poet

The ties that replaced our chains
Our togetherness meant we were no longer restrained
Since 1804 we established love to reign
Moving forward
Hand in hand
Flag in hand
We take our stand
Hatred is banned
From it we ran
Ran as far as the mountains would lead us
Curved paths with jagged rocks
We kept our overpowering love stocked
The clock of history tick-tock as we journeyed forward into destiny
We made our dreams our reality
As we worked, unstopped, diligently
One of the world’s genocide occurred in Haiti
But still we were never beat
As our walls trembled down to our feet
The flag still stood without defeat
Love burned brighter through the heat
The stitching in our flag is where we meet
The farewell of slavery sealed with red and blue
Never to be opened again ... so master had no clue
Harmony sewed our flag together
Red and blue hugged tighter and tighter
Their touch creating our new horizon
From where the sunrise of new beginnings shined brighter and brighter
Inspiring the phrase "L'union fait la force"
Unity intertwined our strength
Love strengthened our shield
And peace promised our destination
Our true protection from God
Because we know Him, we know love too
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Unity that binds ... keeps our strength true

About the Writer

Mara-Joanne Derinor, who is affectionately called "La Belle La Poet" (Pen name),  is a Haitian-American poet, dancer, and song writer. She studied dance (Ballet, Hip Hop, and Classical dances)  at Indian River State College and Barry University. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Dance from Barry University, Derinor is currently enrolled in the Nursing Program at Barry.  As she has stated,  "I would love to use my nursing skills and training to serve and provide cure to the less-fortunate people in the Third World Countries, especially in Haiti or any country in Western Africa. My philosophy is that I learn in order to give and serve, even sacrificially. It It is my hope and dreams to give a helping hand to those with no hope  and to help heal those with inadequate medical assistance and resources, and to passionately love and serve the sick.”
A recipient of many awards for her work, she has also been recognized  for her talent as a poet and dancer. She has been featured in The South Florida Sun.

 Mara-Joanne Derinor can be contacted at