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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rage in the City By Katia Joseph

"Rage in the City"
By Katia Joseph 

You want me to voice my rage in silence
Like a good Christian
and crucify me to the cross
like the son of man
Oh, you hypocrite Pharisees
even the son was a thug
Woe to you!
I took my rage to the streets
flipped the tables in temples
stopped the highways
 burned the city
Boom, boom, boom!
my rage,
               my frustration
                                           my suffocation
                                                                       my injustice
Can be heard in the big BOOM
I will shake the city until my voice is heard
I will shake the city until I am truly free
I am a man,
You cannot call me thug, unruly
 I am not
you cannot enslave and imprison my mind
I am free,
My freedom came with a price
If you don’t believe me,
 ask Toussaint, Dessalines, King, X, and Evers
All bled in the streets
 to set me free
Listen neo planters!
 21st century massa!
 I will not be suffocated
My voice will be heard
 in the big BOOM
throughout the city
throughout the country
Your justice system creates prisons like plantations
sucking life out of me
Taking away my dream
colonizing my thoughts
A prisoner?
A nigger?
I am not!
Non plus!
I declare it
An agitator?
 I am
 for the cause of my people
their freedom
The city will hear my voice,
hear my cry
and my suffering too.
                my rage
                              my cry
                                         in the city
                                                          for my humanity
                                                                                        for my people