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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Haitian Writers Series (to be published by Hope Outreach Productions): Call for Contributors

Haitian Writers Series (to be published by Hope Outreach Productions):
 Call for Contributors

Hope Outreach Productions, LCC, an interdisciplinary, transnational, and a multilingual publishing company, is pleased to announce the call for contributors for a new series entitled “Haitian Writer Series.” The designated Series focuses on major Haitian writers who have influenced Haitian life, literature, thought, and history, and whose impact goes beyond the Haitian geographical and intellectual borders.

Haitian Writers Series is a collection of critical biographies whose objective is to provide stimulating analysis, fresh perspectives, and informative insights into the lives, careers, and works of major Haitian writers, as well as to highlight their contributions to the Haitian society and experience.  Secondly, the Series is also an attempt to strengthen the Haitian education system and enhance the pedagogical process in Haiti. Thirdly, each critical biography in the Series will be used as a teaching tool in the Haitian classroom in the dispensation of knowledge toward a better appreciation of learning and the revalorization of the legacy of these thinkers.  Finally, the Haitian Writers Series is an effort to contribute to the nurturing of the life of the mind of young Haitian students and future generations through the writings and ideas of Haitian thinkers who have shaped the Caribbean nation.

Basic Requirements

1.      The contributor should be acquainted with Haitian studies or has contributed to the advancement of Haitian scholarship.
2.    Because the Haitian Writers Series is designed to be used in schools in Haiti, therefore, each biography will be written in French or the Haitian Creole.
3.      Each critical biography should be about 50 to 75 pages.
4.      The intended audience is High School and College Students.

Potential writers to be addressed include (but are not limited to) the following:

1.      19th century authors

·         Baron de Vastey                     Joseph Antenor Firmin            Gerard Mentor Laurent
·         Massillon Coicou                    Beaubrun Ardouin                  Thomas Madiou
·         Joseph Saint-Remy                 Beauvais Lespinasse               Frédéric Marcelin
·         Jean-Demesvar Delorme         Louis Joseph Janvier               Justin Lhérisson
·         Céligny Ardouin                     Ignace Nau                              Louis-Joseph Janvier
·         Charles Alexis Oswald Durand                                              Maurice Alcibiabe Lubin
·         Emile Auguste Nau                 Etzer Vilair                              Philippe Hannibal Price
·         Masillon Coicou                      Hérard Dumesle                      Jules Solime Milscent
·         Solon Menos                           Dumai Lespinasse                   Beauvais Lespinasse  

2.      20th century authors

·         Jean Price-Mars                             Jacques Roumain                    Dantes Bellegarde
·         François Duvalier                          Louis Diaquoi                         Roger Dorsinville
·         Lorimer Denis                               Carl Brouard                           Léon Laleau               
·         Jacques Stephen Alexis                 Milo Rigaud                            René Dépestre            
·         Frankétienne (Franck Étienne)      Félix Morisseau-Leroy            Roger Dorsinville       
·         Jean Ferdinand Brierre                  Roussan Camille                     Pierre Marcelin           
·         Marie Vieux-Chauvet                    Paulette Poujol Oriol              René Philoctète
·         Gertrude Florentine Félicitée Ida (Ida Faubert)                           Jean Claude Fignolé
·         Georges Anglade                          Roger Dorsinville                    Henock Trouillot
·         Ghislain Gouraige                         Jean Fouchard                         Catts Pressoir
·         Duracine Vaval                             Fernand Hibbert                      Roussan Camille
·         Phillipe Thoby-Marcelin                Pierre Thoby-Marcelin Normil Sylvain
·         Pradel Pompilus                            Jean-Baptiste Cineas               Edris Saint-Amand
·         Emile Olivier                                 Jean-Claude Fignolé               Léon Audain
·         Jean-Louis Windsor Bellegarde    H. Pauléus Sanon                    Louis Borno
·         Francois Stanislas Ramir Dalencour         Lorimer Denis             Frédéric Doret
·         Justin-Chrysostome Dorsainvil (J.C.)       Franck Fouche            Mona Rouzier Guerin
·         Luc Grimard                                 Daniel Heurtelou                     Camille Lherisson      
·         Alfred Auguste Nemours             Emile Paultre                           Anthonly Phelps
·         Rene Piquion                                 Charles Fernand Pressoir        Alice Garoute
·         Lucienne Heurtelou (Estime)        Jean-Baptiste Romain             Émile Roumer
·         Marie-Thérèse Colimon-Hall         Horace Pauleus Sannon          Georges Sylvain
·         Duracine Vaval                             Rene Victor                             Stenio Vincent
·         Maurice A. Lubin                          Anthony Lepes                       Antoine Michel
·         Timoleon C. Brutus                       Auguste Magloire                   Etienne Charles
·         Francois Dalencour

3.      21st century authors

·         Edwidge Danticat                   Yanick Lahens                        Myriam J.A. Chancy
·         Lyonel Trouillot                      Dany Laferrière                        Évelyne Trouillot
·         Jean-Bertrand Aristide             Laënnec Hurbon                    Gary Victor
·         Leslie F. Manigat                    Anthony Phelps                      Josaphat-Robert Large
·         Louis-Philippe Dalembert       Marie-Célie Agnant                Georges Castera
·         Kettly Mars                             Ertha Pascal-Trouillot             Michel-Rolph Trouillot          
·         Marie-Célie Agnant                Jean Metellus             

About Hope Outreach Productions (HOP)

Hope Outreach Productions is an interdisciplinary, transnational, and a multilingual publishing company that publishes both academic and non-academic works, fiction and non-fiction books. We are committed to enhancing the life of the mind and promoting constructive learning and understanding through the production of good books, and through dynamic interaction between the author, the text, and the reader. We emphasize quality production, and uphold the dignity of our authors and readers. We believe that producing quality and enduring texts involve collaborative partnership with our authors.

The motto of Hope Outreach Productions is expressed in this sentence: “HOP is committed to enhancing the life of the mind and the human condition through the production of good books.”
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Interested contributors should send, along with their CV, a 300 word abstract by May 27, 2016 to Dr. Celucien L. Joseph ( and Dr. Jean Eddy Saint Jean (

Celucien L. Joseph, PhD
President and Editor in Chief
Hope Outreach Productions, LCC