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Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome Michelange Quay to "Haiti:Then and Now"!

Michelange Quay

 Michelange Quay makes images and music. He is interested in inviting the viewer/listener into an altered experience of consciousness - cognitive, literary, physical, political, and spiritual consciousness, wherein the wonder, horror, and mystery of identity of our shared identity and existence can be brought to light and explored. As a filmmaker, he is mostly known for "Eat for this  is my Body."  

The film has  won Miami film festival and also featured at Sundance, Cannes, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Tokyo Filmex; etc. Quay has produced the critically acclaimed short film "The Gospel of The Creole Pig.

The music label and blog Generation Bass has done a profile on  Michelange Quay. Check it out below:

"I’m a Haitian American filmmaker and the music of both Haiti and the electronic tradition compelled my attempt to explore the links between Voodoo (Vaudou) ceremony rhythms and 160 bpm Footwork – I was struck by their affinity and it started a search that I call “Electrovaudou”!---Michelange Quay