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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Intersection of American Imperialism and Haitian Cabana Boy Politics by Pascal Robert

The Intersection of American Imperialism and Haitian Cabana Boy Politics
by Pascal Robert


When will Haitians learn that all this bickering between their political parties is a farce created by the Western Imperialists like the United States, Canada, and the EU to keep Haitians blinded in the blood feud laced Hegelian dialectical battle between the faux left and the faux right. The Lavalas and the Group 184? The Chermier and the FRAPH?

The Hegelian Binary (left vs. right) political model is an old rouse of Anglo-American Empire to keep the political options of the masses managed by the elites so the elites can continue to expropriate wealth and resources for their benefit to the detriment of the poor. Both the Haitian left, the Lavalas, and the Haitian Right, Neo-Duvalieriste, Group 184, etc. etc. have been puppets and pawns of segments of the blood sucking parasitic Haitian bourgeois commercial class BAMBAM (an acronym for the first letter of the last name of the six–probably more-families that have controlled all real business in Haiti for close to a century) that have been the willing agents of the rape of Haiti’s poor at the behest of their White paymasters, the Anglo-Americans and the Europeans. There were BAMBAM families that were supporters and beneficiaries of Aristide and there are BAMBAM families that are supporters and beneficiaries of Martelly. BOTH OF THESE POLITICAL FACTIONS HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT RESTAVEKS (SERVANTS) FOR THE IMPERIALISTS!!

Haitian politics has been a side show, a canard, an idiotic bloody shell game controlled by the Imperialists using their Elite Collaborators and BAMBAM acolytes ever since the U.S. Occupied Haiti in 1915. I implore all Haitians to read, “The United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934,” by Hans Schmidt. Perhaps Estime was the only Haitian president who tried his best to legitimately break this cycle, and he was thrown out by the Americans under the guise of being suspected of Communism. Let us not forget that segments of the BAMBAM elite families were major enablers of Francois Duvalier’s rise to power. He danced a dance with the Americans getting financing for his murderous regime under the guise of being a hardliner against Communism in Haiti during the height of the Cold War. WE HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT RESTAVEK CABANA BOY POLITICAL LEADERS IN HAITI SINCE THE AMERICANS LEFT IN 1934 barring the meager attempts of Estime to break that cycle.

The Lavalas left is the brain child of Rene Preval combined with his connections to the Haitian bourgeois and petite-bourgeois that was sealed with his marriage to one such family. They used the charismatic demagogue Jean Bertrand Aristide as a front man while their party cut side deals with the BAMBAM class, used the BAMBAM class to interface with the Clinton Regime in America in the 90s, and reap the financial reward from the sale and exploitation of Haitian assets like Teleco and the other government run enterprises. Left wing Ton-Ton Macoute tactics were not outside their purview as well.

The Neo-Duvaliarist, Group 184, FRAPH contingency has been the creation of the Right Wing faction of the BAMBAM importing murder and weapons payed for by acolytes of the Republican party in the U.S., as well as using perhaps more bloodthirsty and less altruistic methodology to facilitate the wholesale rape of Haitian assets and newly found resources such as oil, iridium, gold, and other natural resources currently being robbed from Haiti under the Martelly regime.
Meanwhile, Haitians sit around in a circle jerk of stupidity yammering on about plots to overthrow Martelly, finance Lavalas, or have Lavalas exterminated and support Martelly’s puppet regime. The Hegelian dialectic binary Anglo-American political creation has brought havoc on the Haitian people and spilled countless amounts of Haitian blood while all the Haitian Diaspora on the internet, social media, and global social forums blather on about the importance of supporting one side over the other and neutralizing the “opposition” which is also a farce.

The Haitian people need to wake up out of this idiocy and put the Haitian race first and the Island of Haiti next as the most important thing to be pulled from the blood sucking imperialist Anglo-Americans and Europeans in the spirit of the Nation’s father Jean-Jacques Dessalines, or else Haiti and Haitians will continue on this trajectory into the abyss.

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